Sketch To HTML Conversion: The Complete Checklist for the Process


Sketch is an all-in-one designer’s toolkit. It’s more than just UI design; it can help you develop new ideas, build prototypes, and design app icons. Also, it’s a developer-friendly platform that lets you collaborate in real-time, review your designs, or convert Sketch designs to HTML code.

Based on a study by W3Techs, 94.7% of websites use HTML, a markup language. The conversion from Sketch to HTML can also offer you various HTML advantages. These include a responsive website, W3C validation, built-in audio or video playback, cross-browser compatibility, cleaner code, etc.

Following a checklist is essential to avoid missing out on significant aspects of the conversion process.

This blog will discuss the checklist for the conversion process.

Checklist For Sketch to HTML Conversion

There are some factors that you need to consider while making the transition. Hire HTML developers with experience in working with such transitions for a smooth conversion process.

Finalize Website Navigation

It is necessary to finalize the navigation that everyone has agreed upon. Well-defined navigation of the website will remove all the issues that may occur during the conversion process. Therefore, ensure to finalize everything, such as header, footer, etc., in advance. It will help in the quick and smooth Sketch to HTML conversion process.

Search Engine-Friendly Codes

In this competitive world, ranking higher on the search engine result page has become necessary. In order to receive better user traffic, one cannot use HTML code that does not follow search engine semantic markup guidelines. It means taking into account page sections, content headings, lists, headers, etc., with the inclusion of new tags.

It has brought a more concise way of building pages with a more structured approach. If it is not addressed initially, all parties involved in this process will spend a lot of time resolving this in the end.

Fast Loading Speed

The next important thing to consider is the fast loading speed of web pages. Based on a study, on average, if a website does not load in 3 seconds, then it may lose its potential customers. It will also increase the website’s bounce rate.

Various factors may affect the loading speed. Follow the basic rules to have a fast-loading website.

High Quality

The company you choose for Sketch to HTML conversion services should ensure you to offer pixel-perfect web pages. The codes must also be written perfectly to ensure that the websites are of high quality and error-free.

Checklist For Quality Testing

  • Make sure all pages and assets are available
  • Website navigation works perfectly
  • All fonts, colors, etc., match the source file
  • All links are working properly
  • Well-optimized images with alt text
  • The website looks good on various devices (phones, tablets, etc.)
  • All files have semantic HTML
  • The website works in all browsers
  • Quick loading pages
  • Classes and IDs have meaningful names and follow the same patterns


Above is a checklist that you should consider before and after the project completion during quality testing. Do you also want to know about other aspects of Sketch to HTML conversion? You can go through the detailed blog with various elements of the Sketch to HTML Conversion process.


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