Different Approaches to Converting HTML to WordPress


There are many static HTML websites still on the web. If you are among those website owners, it’s high time you converted your static website into a dynamic one. Having a static HTML website poses many challenges, including an unimpressive user experience and code rigidity that make it hard to change website content. Moreover, a dynamic website offers a high-level user experience, such as clicking a button, and content changes frequently. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to develop a dynamic website. 

HTML to WordPress is one of the most preferred ways to build your dynamic website. You can convert your HTML website into a dynamic one with this method. There are many ways to convert a static HTML website into a dynamic WordPress website. The following are the different approaches for this process. 

Different ways to convert HTML to WordPress

Manually convert HTML to WordPress    

The manual conversion method is a technical option because you should have a sound knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, and WordPress. Once you have knowledge of these technologies, you can follow the below steps for creating a WordPress website based on your HTML template.

  • Create a theme folder and create the following files:






Create other files you need for your theme. 

  • Copy CSS 

Now you need to copy the CSS code on your HTML website and paste it into the style.css file created in the first step.

  • Split the HTML

WordPress uses PHP to pull content. For this, you need to split your HTML web pages into multiple pieces. After this, the CMS can bind these pieces together. What you have to do is include different HTML codes into various PHP files. For instance, you need to add the HTML code for the footer into footer.php file. The CMS will arrange and fetch the code on the website using relevant functions. 

  • Upload the theme

Once you have done all the coding and your theme is ready, you need to upload it. You can easily upload the theme to your website from the admin dashboard. 

Hire WordPress developer for the process

Don’t know how to code but want to convert your HTML website into a WordPress one? Do not worry, as you can hire a professional WordPress developer to help you with the process. The developer can build the website as per your requirements. With his/her knowledge and experience, the developer can help you build a standard-compliant website. 

There are many advantages of choosing a developer to convert your static HTML into a dynamic WordPress website, including quality work, quick delivery, and professional service. The developer can create the website as per your requirements.

Final note

There are several methods to build a dynamic website, and HTML to WordPress conversion is the best choice among them. We have discussed various ways of converting an HTML website into a WordPress one. You can follow a suitable approach from the above methods to accomplish your project. However, the first method is useful only if you have a good hold on various web development technologies. On the other hand, the second option is more relevant for you if you lack the skills. Hiring a developer for the conversion process is more beneficial as you get the best results.

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