Why use the Apigee API bootstrap framework?


The API  or Application Programing Interface gateway has been widely used by various enterprises and is undoubtedly one of the most applicable api management platforms, from the list of options available. Especially in the last few years Apigee  has acted like a blueprint for creating API bootstrap framework. Let’s have a look at some probable reasons for its growing popularity and why it is one of the best options.

One of the most important and powerful features of Apigee gateway platform is the api management collection. There are different ways of using such apis.

How is it different?/ Significance of the development cycle

  • One important aspect of Google Apigee API gateway is that there are ample videos you can watch for tutorials in order to understand its usage better before choosing it as your go to. This is a great help to the developers and architects in the form of a community forum and a well drafted product documentation.
  • A number of tech companies are focussing on test drive development, behavior drive development and ongoing  integration and delivery as the code. In this case there is more structure expected than simple drag and drop and Apigee bootstrap framework offers that.
  • Another important aspect of Apigee API gateway platform is the way it offers management or the api collection. Allowing apis to configure, control, and set products, integrations and functionality with a lot of ease. There are different ways of using such  apis.
  • There are dedicated plugins and Apache Maven deployments configured in an Apigee bootstrap framework that is preset with API.

The Apigee bootstrap framework has a specific API based project structure that is tested across different channels and projects that are already completed and running successfully.

Major challenges faced in API development

  • Create

The first challenge or task is to create the API with appropriate design depth in order to solve the purpose. Suppose you’re a logistics company that wants to upgrade their service by adding the “voice ordering” option or creating a “payment gateway”. It is important to ensure that your design is capable enough to create that function without disturbing any parallel functions.

  • Update 

Keeping your API updated and in sync with the latest changes in technology is another major step that defines its success. Your design needs to be streamlined every now and then, new features added and the obsolete done away with to ensure that your API works perfectly

  • Continuity

The continuity and follow up of APIs is something that needs to be taken into account. The need for constant upgrade and monitoring cannot be ignored to ensure smooth functioning of your API

  • Analysis

Analysis, measurement and comparison to other frameworks to see if things are running well and consequently brining benefit to the business

  • Compatibility

It is also essential to ensure if your API framework is compatible in different formats that the framework is going to be used in

  • Security

Ensuring that your client’s data and banking information is secure is an unavoidable challenge/ aspect of the process

Apigee bootstrap based api framework is known to implement the below:

  • It concludes the status end point for a particular api, which allows adequate monitoring and circuit breaker patterns
  • It’s essential to be specific while adding new api methods or resources otherwise http 400 bad request error is the default behavior witnessed
  • Dynamically configurable Cross Origin header set up(CORS)
  • The error handling flow is based on pre-approved production patterns

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