5 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid on Instagram


Social media has become a crucial part of our lives and social media activities are also rising at the rocket due to the increase in mobile users and access to fast internet. Today, not only people are using social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for maintaining a social connection but these platforms are also being widely used by businesses for marketing reasons. Nowadays, social media marketing is becoming popular among entrepreneurs and businesses to advertise their products and to ensure connectivity with their customers. Instagram is becoming a very popular social media platform for marketing and promotions. But often marketers use it in the wrong way. So, here will discuss 5 marketing mistakes marketers should avoid on Instagram.

1.Ignore the bio

When a person lands on your Instagram page, they first go to the bio to know about your business and what you do. However, many businesses don’t take a few minutes to add the bio with meaningful, complete, and relevant information. However, you should always add a bio with crisp and concise information. You can include catchy texts and emojis to make it more attractive.

2.Keeping business profiles private

Today, privacy has become a concerning matter for everyone who uses any kind of social media platform. You should also be cautious about the privacy of your profile. However, you shouldn’t keep business profiles private because if you do so you will lose a lot of potential followers. Users can link your Instagram when uploading stories or pictures. So keep your profile public.  

3.No activity on Instagram

The purpose of your Instagram account is to stay connected and to interact with your followers. Providing regular updates on Instagram keeps your followers engaged with your business and ensures trust in you. Without regular interaction through fresh content, you cannot keep your followers intact and create new customers.

4.Not using hashtags

Hashtags are very important on Instagram, and you should never miss using them in your post. Instagram allows including up to 30 hashtags that is quite an impressive opportunity for you. Most people on Instagram usually from the younger age group often use hashtags to find relevant content. Posts without hashtags may not attract a lot of potential audiences.

5.Not using high-resolution images

High-resolution images are quite useful on Instagram, especially for business profiles. You may use low-quality images on your posts but the results are not as satisfying as you expect for your business. If you are the one who takes photos and then upload them on Instagram then you can use a high-quality camera to take pictures then upload them on Instagram.

Final notes

In this digital era, social media has become very important in our lives that not only lets everyone connect with other people but also offers a quick way to get tons of information on-the-go. Many social media platforms are now available such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Besides normal users, businesses are also taking advantage of these social media platforms for many reasons like to create new customers, for marketing and promotion, to connect with their new and existing audience, to provide customer support, and many other reasons. Moreover, businesses need to use these social media platforms more effectively and prudently to reach their goals. We hope that the above tips can help you use Instagram more effectively.

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