Top 5 React-native App Development Companies


The number of businesses focusing on building React Native apps continues to expand. Reason? Simply put, it’s the ever-increasing need for native React developers and services.

Creating mobile apps for Android and iOS with just one code is possible with the help of React Native, a popular cross-platform mobile app development framework. With React Native and the JavaScript programming language, developers can avoid recreating the same app twice.

Moreover, the written code can be used in various mobile and web-based software forms. In addition, this article features a list of the top five most reputable and widely recognized react native app development companies so you can find one that fits your budget and your needs if you’re looking to build a scalable, robust, and high-performing mobile app for Android, the web, iOS, or UWP.

Top Companies for Contemplation in React Native App Development:


AppIncubinator, one of the earliest React development firms, is now an industry leader and a leading react-native firm deserving of the top spot in the rankings for the quality of its work.

As time has progressed, React Native has demonstrated its ability to deliver products 30-50% faster than its competitors. To help businesses expand their operations and expand their customer base without breaking the bank, AppIncubinator offers React Native development services. AppIncubinator builds its apps using the Android, React Native, and Ionic frameworks and their respective programming languages.

Founded In 2019
No. Of employees, 50-249,
Clutch review 5.0
Hourly Rate $50 – $99 / hr


Miquido is a premier provider of app development services for companies of all sizes. They are certified by Google as an official React app development partner. They have long-standing establishments in Krakow, London, Berlin, Zurich, Vienna, Amsterdam, and Dubai. Through the years, they’ve built a solid reputation as a leading ReactNative app developer. They’ve completed hundreds of jobs successfully all over the world.

Founded In 2002
No. Of employees, 50 – 249,
Clutch review 4.9
Hourly Rate $50 – $99 / hr


Appinventiv is the top React Native app development company in the United States. Its certified teams of mobile app developers and designers are well-known for their ability to assist clients in translating their ideas into robust custom mobile applications. Appinventiv’s expertise extends far beyond just mobile and web app creation, taking in areas such as strategic planning, product design, prototyping, QA (Quality Assurance) testing, cloud services, and more.

Founded In 2014
No. Of employees, 250-999
Clutch review 4.8
Hourly Rate $25 – $49 / hr

BHW Group

The BHW team confidently promotes “Web and mobile apps for businesses of all sizes” because of the company’s React Native development services. The Austin-based company has been providing excellent development services for over 13 years as one of the first to use React Native, the United States-based company led by CEO Brett Burnett boasts that its feature-centric, client-specific, custom-made mobile applications are unrivaled in the Native kingdom.

Founded In 2005
No. Of employees, 10 – 49
Clutch review five
Hourly Rate $100 – $149 / hr


Netguru’s CEO, Wiktor Schmidt, is a firm believer in shaking things up, which is why the company takes a novel approach to building React Native apps.

The company’s approach to developing React Native projects makes it look like a frontrunner among React Native providers, which bodes well for the company’s future. The company has made a name for itself by providing powerful products and services for mobile operating systems like iOS and Android. The company has a global client base thanks to its ability to create powerful apps.

Founded In 2008
No. Of employees 250-999
Clutch review 4.8
Hourly Rate $50 – $99 / hr.

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To sum up,

The availability of companies providing React-native app development services is high.

For this reason, it’s critical to consider how well the organization you ultimately choose to work for aligns with your values and career objectives.

Appincubinator, like other successful businesses, has a track record of providing services that deliver tangible results. You can ask us anything if you have any concerns.

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