Top 5 Features That You Must Have in Your Logistics App


With technological advancements, the rising demand for online home delivery of goods is evident. Consequesquently, the logistics, supply chain, and transport app development services are taking over the market.

Several app development companies provide logistics app development services to improve the workflow of supply-chain processes via logistics mobile apps.

Logistics apps have several functionalities to improve workflow if you are a logistics business owner and want to streamline your supply chain processes. 

So, what features in your logistics app will appeal to your audience? This blog will explain the top 5 features you must include in your logistics app. 

Features Your Logistics App Development Services Providers Must Include

1. Route Tracker

This is an exceptionally beneficial feature for drivers to plan out the best routes they can take. If drivers don’t know their pathway, it can lead to late delivery of the products. A longer route can also increase fuel costs, disrupting the overall estimation of the supply chain.

Therefore, the best solution is to integrate the features of pre-planned routes to avoid any confusion and ensure timely product delivery. 

If you want to know about the cost of developing the logistics app, read our logistics app development guide.

2. GPS Tracker

GPS has become a necessary feature to integrate into logistics apps. This feature will provide the complete solution to drivers and dispatchers to track the delivery time and order status. 

Since GPS can locate the actual location of the vehicles, it becomes easy to track how much time the truck takes to deliver the products. At the same time, drivers can manage their delivery through pick-up/drop-off locations. 

3. Revenue Management

With logistics apps, you can make your billing and invoice more transparent. Your app can include a fare calculator that will monitor and estimate the total delivery cost, time cost, destination address, pick-up, and more. This will enable dispatchers with the billing process to analyze and edit the invoice and reject/approve the bill accordingly. 

You can hire a top logistics app development company, and they can build an AI-driven profitability analysis system to provide you with detailed insights into what your apps will be based on. 

4. Driver’s Log

In logistics, you might have to deal with multiple drivers, manage their routes and shipments, and assign vehicles accordingly. In this case, logistics apps will assist in managing the drivers’ profiles.

Through the driver’s log, you can get an idea of how many hours the drivers have worked, made deliveries, the time spent on each delivery, and much more. 

5. Chatbot Support and Push Notifications

Another crucial factor is including the chat support and push notification features to let the app users know the necessary details. Users can connect with your support team through the chat feature and rectify their issues. 

You can send mobile notifications to your drivers and manage the supply-chain process more wisely through push notifications. 


We hope this blog helped you understand the features of logistics apps. You can consult the logistics app development company if you are wondering how to integrate them into your app, the technologies to use, or the timeline of building these features. 

A leading app development company will quote you the total cost of building the app. Also, they will help you define the project scope and launch your app with a fixed timeline. 

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