How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Amazon?


Mobile eCommerce has gained immense popularity among online shoppers over the years. It is because of the flawless experience that shopping apps provide to their customers. 

Among the popular shopping apps, Amazon stands out due to its features and ease of use. Every month around197 a million people across the globe visit Amazon and purchase stuff. 

Are you also planning to build an app like Amazon? It is the best app idea! 


It is because the eCommerce industry is booming at a staggering pace. Moreover, who doesn’t want their favorite eCommerce product to be delivered to their doorstep? 

If you want to know how much it costs to build an app like Amazon, then you should hire the best mobile app development services that have experience in successful eCommerce app development. 

This blog will discuss different cost-driving factors in developing a clone app like Amazon.  

Essential Cost-Driving Factors of Mobile App Development

1. The Platform (Android or iOS)

Before going ahead with the mobile app development process, you must decide on the app platform according to your business domain, size, and target audience. 

Here, you must be extremely careful as the preferred platform will determine your app users and affect your business earrings. So, we suggest you make an Amazon-like app for both platforms, so you do not miss probable customers. 

2. Features And Functionalities

It relies on what features you require, such as advanced or simple.  An app with simple and basic features includes user login, signup options, checkout, and payment gateway integration. 

A simple featured app like Amazon will cost you less for iOS and Android platforms. However, you may have to spend more if you want to integrate your app with advanced features such as AR/VR, chatbots, search options, product filters, etc.

3. Wireframe

The app development cost of wireframes depends on the type of app. For example, a basic app with two or three pages may cost you around $600, and for complex apps with numerous pages, the cost could go up to $2,000. 

4. App Design

The cost of app design will rely on performance, scalability, and flexibility. The price of app design could range between $5,000 and $12,000. 

5. Development Cost

The development cost of your app depends on the number of developers that will work on your app, its size, and its functionalities. Depending on different parameters, app development costs may range from $35,000 to $100,000. You can hire mobile app developers to build an interactive app like Amazon. 

6. Support & Maintenance

Support and maintenance are critical cost-driving factors in mobile app development. To make your app work appropriately after the updates, you must decide the cost of maintenance and changes for your eCommerce app. The cost of maintaining an app may fall under $20,000.

The Bottom Line

So, keeping the factors mentioned above in mind, creating a marketplace app like Amazon will cost approximately $60,000 to $300,000. Now that you understand the eCommerce app development cost analysis, it’s time to make your app. You can also check a detailed guide on how to make app like Amazon for a better understanding of the development process. 

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